How to Connect Brother printer to wifi.

How to Connect Brother printer to wifi.

Brother printer wifi setup tutorial

This article is about” How to connect a brother printer to wifi? “You will find simple, secure, and detailed steps that assist you in Brother Printer wifi setup. Try not to avoid any actions and follow them correctly.

Before starting these steps for connecting Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you should know your Network Name (Also known as “SSID” or “ESSID”) and Network Key (also known as “Password,” “Encryption Key” or “Security key” ). If you don`t see this information then here you can find them.

How to Connect printer to wifi.
  • Check behind your wifi router. The initial SSID is the model name and the manufacturer’s name.

  • Check the documentation which was provided to you with your wireless router.

Get saved Wifi passwords (Windows),
Type  “Windows+ R” => Type “CMD” => Type “netsh wlan show profiles” (the user profile field shows your Network SSID) => Type “netsh  wlan show profile name=”NETWORK”  key=clear” => Look under “Security Settings” The “Key Content” field displays the Wi-Fi  password (Network SSID).

May this video tutorial helps you In finding the Network name and Security Key.

Still unsuccessful in getting your Wifi Name and Wifi password. Then you can call your internet service provider for help. This information is required to help you.

Because it is an important detail, if you don’t know this information (network key or network name), you cannot continue with the wireless setup.

Setup brother printer via wifi? Steps to connect brother printer to wifi

Guide to connect brother printer to wifi. Follow the steps as given below:

  • Turn your Brother printer switch ON. Therefore, connect the power cord with your printer and then compare it with the electric socket.

  • In the control panel’s press the Menu button. Then, to select the NETWORK press the UP or DOWN key and press OK.

  • Next, select the WLAN press on the UP or DOWN arrow key and then press on OK.

  • Thus, to select the SETUP WIZARD, click the UP or DOWN arrow key and then press on OK.

  • When on display a WLAN ENABLE? Shows then select on YES to enable it. It will start the WIZARD.

  • A list of Network Names (SSID) will show on your LCD then the printer will search for your network. When the SSID list comes, press on the UP or arrow keys to choose the subnetwork which you wrote down earlier, then press OK on it.

Do any ONE of the following:
  • If not, you are handling encryption on the authentication method that requires the PASSWORD(Network key). Then, get in the network key, to apply to your setting press OK. Then select YES to embed the settings.

  • Otherwise, if your authentication method is OPEN SYSTEM and encryption method is none. Then, proceed to the next step.

  • The wireless network which you are selected is trying to connect with your machine.

    1. If the connection failed, then the printer will print the report of the wireless connection. Hence, check the error code on the printed statement.

    2. Suppose the printer is successfully connected. Then, the LCD of the machine display CONNECTED.

Otherwise, a report will show on the printer and print a wireless connection. You successfully connected brother printer to wifi.

If all this step is not understandable, then you can also Call us.

Connect Brother Printer to Wifi Without Password

( WPS Pin Brother Printer wifi Setup )

This process is also known as ” Connect brother printer to wifi through WIFI DIRECT “

  1. WPS doesn’t Require Security Key/ Password.
  2. There is a WPS button on every Router to turn on the WPS.

Suppose you have a wireless router/access point supporting the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) or AOSS (AirStation Secure System). In that case, you can easily connect your wireless network/access point with your brother printer just follow the given step without skipping any step for Brother printer wifi setup:

  • Bring the Wi-Fi router and your Brother Printer as near as possible for wifi Setup.

  • Ensure that the power cord is plugged in.

  • Then, turn the printer ON and wait until the printer is in the READY state.

  • After that, a few seconds hold down the WPS button on your wireless network/access point.

  • As shown in the given photo, for less than 2 seconds, click the wireless setup located on the back of the router.

NOTE: To click the wireless setup button, use a ballpoint pen or a sharp point object. Do not press the button for more than 2 seconds.

  • The machine will then start searching for a wireless network that supports the WPS or AOSS for 2-3 minutes. At that time, the TONER LED will start blinking.

  • After that, the printer tries to connect a wireless network/router. At that time, both the TONER and DRUM LED will start blinking.

  • Now, wait until the printer indicates the READY LED will start blinking. This button will turn ON for 5 minutes. This suggests that the printer is connected with the wireless network router/access point.

  • If the READY LED is not blinking, the printer fails to connect with the wireless router/access point.

You can also watch the video to connect brother printer to wifi

If this happens, please contact the Brother customer care service and talk with the expert. We will be happy to help you.

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Guide to reset the Wi-Fi connection on printer.

Resetting Wi-Fi connection will help you when you have tried to connect your printer to the wireless network earlier.

Here are some steps to reset your Brother printer:

Power on your Brother printer.

Next, press the menu button on the control panel.

Then press Network Reset and press OK after that.

Now, press reset and then press yes.

Brother Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issues.

Solution 1: Restart your Brother Printer & Wifi.

  1. Off your printer and Router for 40 Seconds, then power on back both.

  2. Now, off the wireless on the Brother printer and then turn it on back.

  3. After this, try again to connect your Brother machine to wireless now.

If you Don’t get success, after all, try to connect your Wi-Fi with the WPS method.

May you find your solution here: BROTHER PRINTER COMMON ERRORS

IMPORTANT: Make sure your Printer IP is the same as your Router IP. Any conflict between these two won’t permit your Brother Machine to get associated with the Wi-Fi network.

You can also try to update your Printer Driver

Thanks for reading this blog on ” Connect Brother printer to wifi ”. Hope that it will help you with “ Brother printer wifi setup“.

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