Brother Scanner: How to Scan & How to fix not scanning errors?

Brother Scanner is a Japanese technology-advanced electronics company. Also, Brother Scanners are well-built and durable for all purposes. Brother printers are known for their being reliable, space-saving, functional, and desk-friendly as you can not only print but also you can copy, fax or scan. In this blog, we will read about :

  • How to scan a document with a Brother scanner?
  • Why brother scanner is not scanning?
  • Fix brother scanner not scanning errors.

How to scan a document with Brother scanner?

Brother Scanner

If you would like to scan a document from your Brother printer to your computer, follow the steps given below:

If you’re using a Windows computer,

  • tap on the beginning button and search Windows for the keyword “Brother”.
  • Click on the name or model number of your printer.
  • Select the center choice to open the center window.
  • Click on the Configuration option and choose Scan and File options.
  • The Scan To File Configuration window will display.
  • Select the scan format, destination folder and customize other settings like resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.

If you’re using a Mac,

  • open the System Preference window.
  • Select your printer from the Print & Scan option.
  • Open the Utilities tab and click on on the center application.
  • Navigate to the Software Button tab and choose the Scan To File option.
  • Set the scan type and choose the destination folder.
  • Click okay to continue.
  • Load the document that you simply wish to scan into the Brother printer.
  • Tap on the Scan button on the printer’s instrument panel and choose Scan To PC option.
  • Choose the File option and click on on Start Black or Start Color to start scanning the document.

Why brother scanner is not scanning?

Like every other technology there are possibilities to have the other problems after a while usage of time. It depends on you how you handle the printer. Nevertheless, it not means that all manuals have the troubleshooting problems that are comprehensive for every problem you may face, like if you are using the operating system Windows 10 and simultaneously your printer won’t scan. In such type of case it is possible to be that scanner driver’s network setting is incorrect. So, today we have listed the fixing of some brother printer scanning problem.

Troubleshoot in Windows 10

1] Check that without any errors the machine powered is on

When you switch the power button on, of the brother printer and you found that our printer’s LCD is blanker than it means that your printer is in the deep sleep mode. Then get back your printer from the deep sleep mode and check printer cabled is switched on or power outlet and all power switches are turned on.

Check the display of your LCD and if you found there any problem like ink/toner empty, paper jam or any error message then troubleshoot to clear it.

2] Check that your Printer is available to print

To check this first you need to open the properties of the printer where you will found the problem of how to operate the printer like hardware related customization and configuring ports.

  • First, press start and select control panel.
  • Then press hardware and sound.
  • After that press on device S and printers.
  • Then right click on your brother printer and choose the printer properties.
  • Then press on test page to check that if your printer is available to print.

3] Check the Scanner of your Brother`s Printer

  • First press the start and select control panel and open the scanner list.
  • In control panel type the word ‘scanner’ in the search box.
  • Then press on view scanners and cameras.
  • If your brother printer check the scanner icon is existed.
  • If it does not exist then install the scanner driver and in brother website go to the download section. 
  • Then download the full driver and software package and follow the instruction that are available on the page.

Precautions you may take while scanning

> Check the ip address of your brother printer

If your brother printer is not scanning then get its IP Address by printing a network configuration list, because it prints a report of all network configuration on including all the network print server setting.

To print the network configuration list, then follow the following steps —

  • First in your brother printer click the menu button.
  • Then choose the print reports.
  • Choose network configuration and press OK.
  • Push black (mono) start or color start.
  • Then tap stop or exit.

>Ensure control center is running

  • First, start and select all apps and click brother.
  • Now, choose brother utilities and select control center.
  • Try again scanning. If it is not working from the printer’s button then try to another solution.
  • Now, check the scanner driver is installed and port is correctly configured and open scanner properties.
  • Click network setting tab under the network scanner properties dialog box.
  • Select specify your machine by address or specify your machine by name. If you choose by address then enter the printer’s IP address and press apply and OK. If you choose by name then enter the node name in the given node name box and click browse and choose the brother printer that you want to use and press OK. At last press apply then OK and then exit.

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