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The official software for the brother printer is known as the brother control center and the latest version of this software is “Control Center 4”. Control Center 4 is also known as Brother Control Center 4. You can install it via CD that comes along with the Brother Printer Machine. This Compact disc consists of hardware`s essential driver software, User manual, etc.  Sometimes it does not come with the hardware (all thanks to cost-cutting marketing techniques) then you can downloads it from the Brother Printer website`s download page.

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  3. Brother control center 4 mac download
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  5. How to scan multiple pages into one pdf brother control center 4

Why you need to Install the Brother Control Center

Brother Control Center

Is it worth to spend your computer`s hard disk space to install a Brother Printer Control Panel? The answer is yes because there are lots of advantages if have this software. We are mentioning few of them below:

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1. Easy to navigate interface

The product has easy to use blue hued interface. You can discover any printer work effectively on the grounds that every one of them are organized conveniently. Anybody can easily explore by utilizing given catch tabs. The fundamental capacity of this product is examining.

2.  Fast and Seamless access to every Printer function

The Brother Printer Control Center gives you speedy and simple admittance to each printer work there is. It just bars a few specific report printing assignments for a profitability application that you right now use. Getting to the Brother Control Center includes tapping the CC4 symbol found on the framework plate. For a few more established models, it involves tapping on the CC3.

The application comes with a plethora of choices. Below are four of the frequently used functions that you will see in its upper left portion:
  1. Scan. The tab offers four settings based on the kind of task you need to complete. These tasks include Image, OCR, E-mail, or File
  2. PC-Copy. It allows you to copy pages and print copies of those scans as well. You have the option to go with four types of copied pages: color, monochrome, 2 in 1, or 4 in 1.
  3. Photo. The function lets you use PhotoCapture Center, another Brother application. It opens, prints, saves or copies files from your computer.
  4. PC-FAX.  You can easily send images and scans or obtain a fax from your computer.

There are six complete tabs in the Brother Control Center programming, and we’ve recently examined the four most much of the time utilized. The two outstanding alternatives are Device Settings and Support. The previous permits you to alter printer settings while the last causes you explore your way around the application. It can likewise show you how to expand your printer and convey extraordinary print work utilizing excellent ink and toner cartridges, regardless of whether it’s a Brother-HL-L2700DW, DCP 9020CDN, MFC 9130CW toner, or some other model.

We provide Top class brother printer service in USA / Canada

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How to Install the Brother Control Center Software

Presently you know how helpful having a Brother Control Center is to your general client experience. Downloading the application with a Windows PC is truly direct, in spite of the fact that it’s somewhat precarious when utilizing a Mac PC. Subsequent to downloading the program, you at that point need to introduce it on your PC. Follow the means underneath to download and introduce the application effectively.

Step 1 – Download the Brother Control Center 4 Update Tool

If you’re using a Windows PC, download the Control Center 4 Update tool directly from Brother’s website here. 

If you’re using a Mac computer, it’s important to note that Control Center 4 is a Windows software. It means that the application isn’t suitable for Mac OS. You can still download it on your Mac computer though, by following these simple steps:

  1. First, click here to download the software to your Mac computer.
  2. Choose your printer model, followed by the version of your Mac OS.
  3. Next, select the Scanner driver.  

If you want a more thorough guide on how to download the application using a Mac computer, click here.

Step 2 – Install the Brother Control Center 4 Update
After downloading the file to your computer, follow the steps below for its installation. 
  1. Find the downloaded file CC4 Updater on your computer and then double-click on it.
  2. When you encounter a security warning, click Yes or Run.
  3. Wait for the file decompression to finish and then click OK.
  4. The update won’t complete if the software is currently running, so make sure it isn’t. If you can see its icon on the system tray, right-click on the image and click CLOSE.
  5. Find the decompressed file Control Center4 Updater and double-click on it.
  6. When you encounter a security warning, click Yes or Run
  7. Click Next. Wait for the installation process to complete and then click Finish.
  8. The ControlCenter4 is now updated.

Remember that to install the Brother Control Center 4, you need to download and install the Complete Driver and Software package on your computer. You can only install the Control Center as part of the entire Brother Printer driver and software package to work with your Brother ink and toner cartridge. 

Aternative for Control Center 4

Sibling ControlCenter is the free programming that accompanies your Brother scanner. So for what reason would you be searching for another option? There are two principle reasons individuals search for another option:

  1. ControlCenter no longer works on their operating system (like on macOS Catalina)
  2. They want more features from their scanner than ControlCenter provides.

Control Center Pros

  1. This the only official & free software comes free with your scanner.
  2. Offers basic scanning features
  3. Easy to do a quick PDF scan

Control Center Cons

  1. Doesn’t work on macOS Catalina
  2. Lacks more advanced features
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